Us the Duo’s Just Love Tour: Washington DC

Last night, Michael Alvarado described his life and relationship with wife, Carissa, as seemingly “ordinary” before the internet blew up in adoration for their harmonies, musical talents, and inevitable cuteness together.  Now, at a packed show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC filled with fans who screamed and cheered so loud Carissa noted they could “hear you guys backstage,” truly, their life is no longer “ordinary” – but, perhaps, in the best way possible.

Us the Duo brought their Just Love Tour with special guests, The Gardiner Sisters, to DC last night.  Their candidness and openness with their fans in between songs just drew the audience in even more – when they weren’t slow dancing with one another, singing along at the top of their lungs, or swaying to their match-made-in-Heaven-like voices, that is.

Whether it was the musical talent showdown turned dance-off with their band (an awesome first band to tour with, by the way!), Michael’s glowing smiles during and in between songs, Carissa’s dance moves and shiny shoes (peep the pictures below to see ’em – they were just too cute not to capture!), the genuineness and authenticity in their original songs off their newest and first albums, or the pure talent and genuine love between the two on stage – everyone in the audience was enthralled, from the opening track to the encore.

Check out some pictures I shot last night during the show and catch them on tour here.

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