Amazon Music in the Lead Against Top Streaming Services

Although Spotify and Apple Music seem to be the streaming services of choice and undoubtedly for good reason, Amazon Music has proven why they’re taking the industry by storm – by doing what their competitors can’t.

Launched two years ago in the US and just one year ago in the UK, Amazon Music comes paired with the company’s other to service, Amazon Prime.  Paul Firth, leader of Amazon Music UK, explains the service as a “mainstream music-streaming service for the mainstream music fan…There are ways of discovering new music through Prime Music, but what we’ve seen more [of] is [the] rediscovery of music…People who aren’t spending a lot of money but are music fans…are now rediscovering music from their past.”

According to CNET, the most popular artists on Amazon Music UK are Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac.  Despite only streaming 1 million tracks, Firth says consumers are not put off by such a low number compared to other leading services.  In fact, Spotify streams over 30 million tracks, but admits millions of them have never been played.

In addition, Firth points out that Amazon Music can better personalize their streaming service than other competitors.  Why?  Amazon has been selling CDs, records and MP3s for years, and those who have purchased some in the past decade can have their streaming service catered to their personal interests very early on.

And when it comes to pricing, Amazon Music is also cheapest.  Spotify and Apple Music charge $9.99 per month, which totals at about $120 per year, while Amazon Music charges only $99 per year.

All in all, if personal taste, dough and accessibility is important to you, Amazon Music may be the way to go.