Twenty One Pilots’ Emotional Roadshow Tour: St. Augustine, FL

Just over two weeks ago, I had the pleasure honor of attending Twenty One Pilots’ third Florida stop of the Emotional Roadshow Tour in St. Augustine.  It’s truly difficult to summarize the whole experience, so I asked a few show attendees what they thought.  But first, let me cut it down for you: The opening acts, Chef’s Special and Mutemath, were amazing and hyped up the crowd for the headlining duo.  New merch was seen on almost every fan attending, even the parents who, most likely, were drug along to the show but secretly excited to be attending.  The lights, graphics, outfit changes (I’m lookin’ at you, Tyler), stage antics and live music were phenomenal.  Oh, and so was the moment towards the end of the concert when Tyler called out a teenage girl’s father who stood solemnly throughout almost the entire show.  Tyler mentioned he’d been focusing particularly on the stoic man throughout the performance, noting, “Maybe you’re a musician and you’re judging us for using tracks.  Or maybe you just don’t move around a lot and stuff when you’re at a show, I don’t know.”  But then he mentioned that he saw the man bring out his phone, record the duo’s last couple songs and actually seem to enjoy himself, and it brought a smile to his face.  Finally, Tyler dedicated their next song to him (a cover of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, accompanied by their opening acts, mind you).

What the fans thought:

Sara, 12, from Orlando, FL: “*incoherent joyful screeching* I just love them so much! This was my first time seeing them and it was everything I’d hoped it would be!  I think I took like 200 pictures!”

She then smiled at her mom, who turned to me and jokingly rolled her eyes, adding, “I actually enjoyed myself.  I was pretty impressed.  Plus, did you see that hamster ball?!”

You can see Tyler taking a break from performing Guns for Hands by jumping into a life-sized hamster ball and walking over the crowd at their Grand Rapids show here.

Derek, 23, from St. Augustine, FL: “They were dope.  I’ve loved these dudes for years and they never disappoint live.”

Jason, 20, from Jacksonville, FL: “So so good.  Definitely a proud fan watching how far they come.”

When asked about their favorite song:

Amanda, 19, from St. Augustine, FL: “Ode to Sleep, by far!  It’s my favorite off Vessel and I hadn’t heard it live before so I was really excited that they performed it.”

Meredith, 16, from Jacksonville, FL: “[My favorites were] Holding Onto You and their cover of Jump Around, for sure.  I definitely wasn’t expecting that cover but I think it actually made my dad not mind that he came with me.”

Rami, 20, from Orlando, FL: “Um, is all of them an acceptable answer? *laughs*”

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